6 Steps To Getting Your Australian Working Holiday Visa


The first step into making it happen is to save money! I find that if you are totally comitted to doing something, you will find a way to make it happen. It took me a year to save up enough money to make this trip happen and every day I was constantly thinking about how to save as much as possible whic still surviving. This is quite hard for some people to do so here are some top tips:

-Stop buying new things. Clothes, technology, shoes, homewear. Unless it is essential you don’t need to buy it. Think of how many nights that money you want to spend on a new dress (which you will wear twice) will get you.

-Cancel memberships you don’t need/use. Gym, netflix, phone.

-Stop eating out. This includes the starbucks and subways. I know it will be hard. But everything adds up. You might save £30 a week not buying coffee and all the little luxuries you might want. Get a flask and make your own coffee and pack lunch for the day.

-Have nights in instead of nights out. Have a lads night with a crate of beer and playing FIFA or have a girls film night with a bottle of wine and facemasks. You will save a lot of money and actually get to speak to your friends instead of having shout over the music and drink watered down drinks.

2. Visa + Passport

Getting your visa sorted will make sure you are going to be there in the next 12 months. This should be the first thing you do just to make sure you are eligible to travel in that country. Oh yeah and make sure your passport is valid or you wont be going  a n y w h e r e.

Check out the Australian Immigration WHV page here.

3. Book a flight

Once you book this there is no going back. So do this once you feel confident you will have enough money when the time comes. Search around and try and get the best deals possible. Google flights and kayak are both good comparison sites to use. I booked my flight about 4 months before I left which gave me a good amount of time to get everything organized.

Have a look at Google Flights and Kayak for flight price comparision.

4. Travel insurance

I hated buying travel insurance, but it is necessary. Look around for one that will suit your needs the best and compare different companies. I looked at about 10 different companies, reading what each of them covers before settling on one. Make sure to pick the right level of cover for the activities you are going to be doing.

A lot of travellers use World Nomads however I am with True Traveller.

5. Prepare for take off.

Buy anything you might need, a few new clothes or a suitcase. Make a packing list and try and fit everything in your bags. The lighter your bags are, the more comfortable you will be, particularly if you are taking a backpack. The size will all depend on how long your trip is. The most common size to take is between 55-70 litres so go and try them on in the shops before making a purchase. With a suitcase some people manage with a cabin size for short trips, I have a 55 litre suitcase and this is the perfect size for me. Remember to unlock your phone and get some local currency.

6. Book your first few nights accommodation.

Book somewhere with a good reputation and somewhere you can find easily or who will pick you up from the airport. I spent my first week in Sydney at Bounce hostel which is easy to find when you first arrive. Book about 3-4 nights to start with and you can always add on more nights if you want to stay for longer.

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