The Three Essentials | Scuba Diving Gear For New Divers

First of all – congratulations! Welcome to the magical world of scuba diving! You’ve just passed your diving course and enjoyed every second of it (okay, maybe not removing your mask underwater, but you mastered it in the end). Maybe you’ve decided to start doing some diving in your home town or you might be thinking of taking the next course. But to go any further, there are three pieces of essential gear that every scuba diver – even beginners – should invest in.


I think most divers would say the first and most important piece of equipment to buy would be a mask! Masks come in so many different shapes and styles so it is super important to head into a store and try them out in person. A good fitting mask should stick onto your face without any air gaps to ensure there are no leaks underwater! You can get clear, coloured or black skirts depending on your preference and with either one joined lens or split lenses, which can be fitted with prescription lenses. Pop a mask strap cover in your basket as well which protects your hair from being pulled out as you put your mask on and off!


Depending on the water temperature you’ll be predominately diving in, you can choose from open heal or closed heal. Closed heal, for warm water, slip on without any booties so are a good choice for tropical diving and travelling. Open heal fins must have booties with them, keeping your feet warmer and better for shore dives and cooler temperatures. Paddle fins, those with one continuous fin, are good all rounders which is why you’ll see them most often at dive shops. Make sure to try your new fins out before heading off on your trip, just like shoes, fins can rub and cause blisters if they are too tight or loose, so give them a wiggle, stretch your foot out and make sure they don’t hurt your feet or slide around.


And the final essential piece of equipment you will want to have with you is a snorkel which you will need at the surface before and after your dive as well as those between dive snorkels. You will mostly likely get one to match your mask and it should be flexible towards the mouthpiece so it can push out the way when on your dive. In some countries, having a snorkel with you is mandatory but I would also have one for your own comfort, especially if the water is a little choppy, you’ll be glad to have it.

So what are you waiting for? Pop into your local dive store and grab these three items to start your journey into the underwater world!

Hello my lovely mermaids,

When I first breathed underwater it was strange, a little scary and honestly took me a few moments to relax my mind and feel okay. I don’t think I will ever forget the moment I first jumped into the ocean and started descending, and if you have taken your open water course, you too will know this feeling. I hope the course taught you just how capable and strong you are. And I hope you have many more diving adventures in your life.

Enjoy your ocean x

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