My Hair Care Top Tips For Scuba Diving!

The most annoying part about diving is hair care. If only we came out the ocean looking like Ariel, dive life would be much easier! Here are some of my tips to keeping your hair in good condition!


You’ll want either a low or high style – middle is no good as that is where your mask strap will be. I tend to do a high poytail and then tie hair bands all the way down the length which keeps my hair tangle free. Another popular option is braids, either a single or double, it keeps all your hair secure against your head. You could also just make a high bun which you can then take out in between dives, just make sure to take a spare hair band with you for flyaways and loose bits.

Girls That Scuba Mask Strap Covers


To save your hair from being pulled out every time you put your mask on or take it off, get a soft strap cover. They slip over the silicone strap and make it so much easier to remove and replace your mask. Have a look at this Girls That Scuba one here!


Another popular choice is a wearing a hood or buff! A hood is a good choice for cooler waters, making sure there is no movement of you hair underwater. Buffs are basically thick headbands which cover your hairline, so babyhairs don’t get trapped in the mask – I will be grabbing one for my next trip!


This is the step to not miss. Once back on dry land, make sure to rinse the saltwater from your hair. Leaving it in makes your hair sticky and unmanageable, so a quick rinse when you can will keep it from turning into a horrible mess.


Coconut oil has many uses, but popping a little bit on the ends of your hair after your dive will help to keep the ends healthy and soft. Just rub a small amount on your hands and comb through the ends and it will do your hair wonders.


When it comes time to wash your hair, use cool water and make sure to let the conditioner soak in. Saltwater tends to make hair very dry, so try and give it some moisture back. Find a good leave in conditioner and comb it through.


The last thing your hair will need after diving all day, is a hot hairdryer. The best thing to do is to let your hair air dry but if you have to dry it, use the cold setting on your hairdryer. Remember saltwater is already damaging your hair so try to protect it by not using heat.

Got any other hair care tips you live by? Leave them in the comments below!

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