About Me

Welcome to Wild Hearted Adventure! I set up this little space on the internet to share my travelling stories to hopefully inspire you to see some of this world too. For me, my life wouldn’t be complete if I’m not planning the next adventure, whether that is a weekend city break or a 3 month backing trip. I constantly have a working holiday visa for some country and love making bucket lists of all the places I have yet to explore.

I grew up constantly on little weekend camping trips or visiting nearby National Parks or nature reserves, loving watching documentaries about the world, and of course all the David Attenborough I could get. I guess I got the travel bug off my parents who would save up every penny for trips away. You didn’t find me having the newest shoes or the latest phone, but you did see me smiling ear to ear digging sandcastles on the beaches of Wales.

Another big part of my life is the ocean. I graduated in marine biology in 2015 and completed my divemasters in 2018, and now I love writing, talking and sharing the ocean with everyone. Expect to find information on scuba diving, how the oceans work, climate change and the latest ocean news as well as links to other inspiring people, podcasts and organisations.

I hope you read my blog and it might inspire you to not only travel, but to do something you haven’t done before, step out your comfort zone, take that leap you have been putting off and really start living.


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