Essential Dive Accessories To Buy Before Your Dive Trip

Going on a scuba diving trip is so exciting and having the right gear with you makes your dive so much more enjoyable and, more importantly, safe. Assuming you already have you mask, fins and snorkel, here are my other essential accessories you should have for every trip. DIVE COMPUTER By far one of the […]

Ocean Podcasts!

Podcasts are one of my favourite ways of keeping up with ocean news and discovering new ocean explorers. They are so easy to listen to in the car or cooking dinner to give you your daily dose of ocean magic. Here are some of my favourite podcasts to subscribe to! Here are six of my […]

My Hair Care Top Tips For Scuba Diving!

The most annoying part about diving is hair care. If only we came out the ocean looking like Ariel, dive life would be much easier! Here are some of my tips to keeping your hair in good condition! SECURE YOUR HAIR You’ll want either a low or high style – middle is no good as […]

How To Spend 4-Days Sightseeing In London

Your first time in London can be a little bit daunting, especially if you only have a few days to see the most popular spots. Making sure you see everything in the most logical order so you aren’t running back and forth across the city is essential to making your time count. When I first […]

The Three Essentials |Scuba Diving Gear For New Divers

First of all – congratulations! Welcome to the magical world of scuba diving! You’ve just passed your diving course and enjoyed every second of it (okay, maybe not removing your mask underwater, but you mastered it in the end). Maybe you’ve decided to start doing some diving in your home town or you might be […]

What Are Ocean Dead Zones & Why Should You Care?

What exactly are ocean dead zones? Ocean dead zones are just what they sound like, areas of the ocean which are ‘dead’, large areas of the ocean where animal populations are greatly reduced due to a lack of oxygen in the water. They typically occur in the bottom 1.5 metres along the seafloor where there […]

5 Unique AirBnb Stays In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is climbing higher and higher on many people’s next travel destination list, filled with tropical beaches, exotic animals and amazing food. If you too are planning a getaway to this island in the Indian Ocean, here are 5 unique AirBnBs to get yourself booked into!

5 Long Distance Hiking Trails Around The World

Hello my loves, I hope this day is treating you well. Today I’ve been thinking about all the long distance trails across the world after getting hooked on some beautiful creators thru-hiking on YouTube. After some deep diving into the world of thru-hiking, I have found some absolutely incredible trails to inspire your hiking adventures. […]

Dive In Style With These Five Cute Ocean Brands

We all want to have cute clothes that make us look and feel good, and that is no exception for diving! I’ve found some gorgeous brands that make ocean inspired swimwear, wetsuits, leggings etc etc to make your dive wardrobe that much cuter. EXCEL WETSUITS X OCEAN RAMSEY In collaboration with Ocean Ramsey, Xcel Wetsuits […]

Taking A Scenic Flight Over The Whitsunday Islands | Queensland, Australia

If there is one thing you must do while in Airlie Beach, it is this. Taking a scenic flight over the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands was one of my top three experiences of my whole year in Australia.

6 Steps To Getting Your Australian Working Holiday Visa

1. SAVE SAVE SAVE The first step into making it happen is to save money! I find that if you are totally comitted to doing something, you will find a way to make it happen. It took me a year to save up enough money to make this trip happen and every day I was […]

Why I Keep Travelling Rather Than ‘Settling Down’

I think about this a lot. Am I doing the right thing? Everyone around me has a house, or is getting married, or has a really great job they love, or a baby. And here I am, living job to job saving just enough to travel for a few months before getting another job. And […]

Making A Positive Impact : The Great Barrier Reef

This series is about practical ways travelers can help make a positive impact on the areas they visit. Hi my beautiful, Visiting the Great Barrier Reef was an incredible experience I will never forget. The whole experience brought me so much joy, exploring such a special corner of our planet has really been a dream […]

Hiking Up Vulcan de Pacaya in Antigua | Guatemala

I woke early, pulled on my clothes and grabbed my bag, thankful I had packed the night before. In my sleepy haze I brushed my teeth and left my hostel, waiting outside for the minibus to arrive. We hopped in along with a few others and begun driving, parking up before we had even drove […]

Top Tips For Saving Money While Backpacking

You work so hard to save up for a trip away so you want to do everything to make that money last as long as possible and spend it wisely. My three highest expenses whilst travelling are food, accommodation and transport. The majority of your budget will go towards paying for these three things and they […]

My Australian Bucket List

GREAT BARRIER REEF I think this one is on everyone’s bucket list who visits Queensland and who can blame them! With so many options of exploring this natural wonder, the really is something for everyone, diving, snorkel, boat trips, cetacean watching, island walks, there are a whole bunch of adventures to be had! And with […]

Getting Certified : PADI Open Water in Cairns

Learning to dive has been number one on my must-do list for a very very long time, for years actually. I had THE BEST time and super happy I waited to do it on the Great Barrier Reef. It was much more enjoyable diving in the warm tropical waters as I get cold easily so […]