5 Long Distance Hiking Trails Around The World

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Today I’ve been thinking about all the long distance trails across the world after getting hooked on some beautiful creators thru-hiking on YouTube. After some deep diving into the world of thru-hiking, I have found some absolutely incredible trails to inspire your hiking adventures.

Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail & Central Divide Trail | USA 2650, 2180 & 3100 miles

Chinook Pass, Washington – Pacific Crest Trail

The holy grail of US long distance hiking is the Triple Crown – the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail and the Continental Divide Trail. These three hikes will each take between 4 to 6 months to walk, leading you through some of the best wilderness the US has to offer. But these are no easy task, steep ascents, river crossing, deserts and hiking through snow are just some of the challenges these three trails will throw at you. There is a huge community spirit on the trails and you’ll become hiker trash and learn the kindness of trail angels in no time.

Pacific Crest Trail Association has all the practical information you’ll need to prepare for your hike.

Great Himalaya Trail | Central Asia – 2849 miles

Trekking through Nepal – Great Himalaya Trail

This epic trail takes you across the greatest mountain range in the world, including the iconic Everest Base Camp trek and the Annapurna Circuit. As of 2019, only 93 hikers have registered as completing the full trail! There are many multi-day trails that make up the Great Himalaya Trail, so there really is something for every ability. From city walks around Kathmandu to the incredible Everest hike and everything in between. Explore cities and temples, rural villages and mighty mountains. Hiking in this part of the world is much more expensive and will require higher insurance premiums as many of the hikes are at high altitude, which also means generally a higher level of fitness is required for some of the harder routes.

For more information have a look at the Great Himalaya Trail website.

Te Araroa | New Zealand – 1864 miles

Te Hauke, New Zealand – Te Araroa

Completed over the warm months of summer in New Zealand, this long distance trail combines everything from beaches to mountains, cities to volcanoes, farmers fields to national parks. The trail is best tackled from south to north, walking on average 15 miles each day for 4 months. If that is too long for your hike, there are many multi-day section hikes for all abilities to enjoy.

Head over to the Te Araroa website for up-to-date information.

South West Coast Path | UK – 630 miles

Lands End, Cornwall – South West Coast Path

The South West Coast Path is a gem, and while it may not have the extreme landscapes or terrain of other trails, it certainly does deserve a place on this list. The UK’s longest trail takes you through some of the best seaside towns England has to offer such as Weymouth, St Ives and Falmouth as well as some areas of outstanding beauty including Exmoor National Park, Jurassic Coast World Herritage Site and Lands End. Taking just 2 months to complete, this can easily be fitted into the summer months.

There are maps, itineraries, accommodation options and much more on the South West Coast Path website.

Greater Patagonia Trail | Chile & Argentina – 1864 miles

Hiking in Argentina – Greater Patagonia Trail

One of the most beautiful trekking regions on the planet has got to be Patagonia. The Greater Patagonian Trail takes you through the diverse and challenging Andean mountains. Much like the Great Himalaya Trail, this South American trail is made up of more than 9,000 miles of smaller trail, including the world famous W-Circuit in Torres Del Paine National Park and the Fitzroy Massif. This trail system are some of the least developed in the world and should only be attempted by the most experienced hikers. Outside of the national parks, trails become vague and very few are signposted, so wilderness trekking, navigation and survival techniques are all needed if you are undertaking this incredible challenge. There are many tour companies which will take you on the more accessible routes and show you the most beautiful mountain the Patagonia has to offer.

Although there is no one organization that cares for the trail, this page on wikiexplora has the most in depth information available.

What long distance trail would you like to hike? I’d love to know your favourites.

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My Australian Bucket List


I think this one is on everyone’s bucket list who visits Queensland and who can blame them! With so many options of exploring this natural wonder, the really is something for everyone, diving, snorkel, boat trips, cetacean watching, island walks, there are a whole bunch of adventures to be had! And with coral reefs disappearing at such a fast rate, there really isn’t a better time to see Mother Nature in full glory.


Sticking in tropical Queensland, the oldest rainforest in the world stretches for miles along the beaches and is home to an abundance of flora and fauna. Here you can trek for miles, picnic on the beaches or take a drive up to Cape Tribulation. There are many options available to the wildlife lover as this rainforest has many species which are found nowhere else on the planet!​


This is what a lot of people think of when they picture Australia, endless red deserts and kangaroos everywhere. Uluru is probably the most visited part of the Outback and with good reason. At 600 million years old and a drive of over 2,000km to get here from Darwin, this iconic giant rock is a must if visiting Alice Springs or NT in general. Get up close with a walking tour around Uluru or admire from afar, either way it is a spectacular sight I don’t want to miss. Make sure to take bug spray, sun cream and lots of water with you!


These gorgeous mountains are just a few hours out of Sydney, and with public transport easily available there is no reason to miss out if you are near to Sydney. The eucalyptus oil in the air make the mountains appear blue and they stretch for miles. The easiest way is to drive yourself or to get the train which will take you to Katoomba where you can get on the hop on hop off tour bus around all the different vantage points. Make sure to visit the three sisters and if you are up for a longer hike take the path down to the waterfall.


This state just looks beautiful doesn’t it?! Lush forests, rugged coast line, cultural cities and 19 national parks, 19! This really is a nature lovers dream destination. Get here by flying to Hobart in the south or Launceston in the north, or alternatively there is a ferry which runs from Melbourne to Devonport. Some of the best places to visit include Cradle Mountain, Hobart, Wineglass Bay, Port Arthur and Mount Wellington.


Found in north west Western Australia, this 260km fringing reef is a real hub for marine life, including manatees, whales, dolphins, hundreds of fish and. This world heritage site is a must if you want to go swimming with whale sharks where hundreds congregate here from March to June each year. The reef is easily accessed from Perth and there are so many beaches you are bound to have one all to yourself.


Now this one is very out of the way and I probably won’t visit here anytime soon, but I really want to be on Christmas Island for the red crab migration. You have probably seen a documentary where the whole island is just covered in crabs, it just looks so cool. Mind you I won’t be wearing flip flops!


One of a number of classic Australian road trip right here. I think the majority of people who visit Melbourne will go to the twelve apostles and drive this road. And in every photo I’ve seen, the sun has always been shining. But there are plenty of places to see along this 243km stretch of road between Torquay and Allansford. Beaches, towns, scenic lookouts and bush walks all scatter this beautiful coastline.

What would you add to your Australian bucket list?