5 Of The World’s Best Long Distance Hiking Trails

1. Pacific Crest, Appalachian & Central Divide Trails | USA – 2650, 2180 & 3100 miles

The triple crown of hiking – these three cross country hikes will take you between 4 and 6 months each, will wear through over 10 pairs of shoes and will show you some of the most magnificent sights the USA has to offer.

2. Te Araroa | New Zealand – 1864 miles

Stretching from one end of the country to the other, this hike will take you from the beaches of North Island to the alps of South Island across mountain ranges, coastlines, farmland, towns and rivers. Taking in the very best New Zealand has to offer, hiking this trail will take between 100-160 days and can only undertaken in the summer months.

3. South West Coast Path | UK – 630 miles

The oldest walking path in the UK stretches from Minehead in Somerset to Poole in Dorset showcasing some of the very best of the English Coast. Expect cliffs views, little seaside towns and plenty of wildlife.

3. Great Himalaya Trail | Nepal – 2849 miles

By far the most adventurous trail is Nepal’s Great Himalayan Trail. On this trail you will see peaks reaching far into the cloud and views that will take your breath away and then some. You will pass through remote Tibetan villages and traverse over suspension bridges and see eagles soaring in the skies. This trek isn’t for the faint hearted and a fair amount of fitness is required as you will climb over 150,000 ft but you would sure return with many stories to tell.

5. Greater Patagonia Trail | Chile & Argentina – 1864 miles

If you are an experienced hiker and can be self reliant for long stretches then this might be the one for you. Taking you through the spectacular Chilean Andes and down to the national parks of Patagonia, the landscape doesn’t get any better than this. The Greater Patagonia Trail is an informal trail made up of many smaller trails, going through many small mountain towns so a good knowledge of Spanish would be extremely useful.

Have you been on a long distance hike? Which are your favourite trails?

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