My Hair Care Top Tips For Scuba Diving!

The most annoying part about diving is hair care. If only we came out the ocean looking like Ariel, dive life would be much easier! Here are some of my tips to keeping your hair in good condition! SECURE YOUR HAIR You’ll want either a low or high style – middle is no good as […]

How To Spend 4-Days Sightseeing In London

Your first time in London can be a little bit daunting, especially if you only have a few days to see the most popular spots. Making sure you see everything in the most logical order so you aren’t running back and forth across the city is essential to making your time count. When I first […]

The Three Essentials |Scuba Diving Gear For New Divers

First of all – congratulations! Welcome to the magical world of scuba diving! You’ve just passed your diving course and enjoyed every second of it (okay, maybe not removing your mask underwater, but you mastered it in the end). Maybe you’ve decided to start doing some diving in your home town or you might be […]

What Are Ocean Dead Zones & Why Should You Care?

What exactly are ocean dead zones? Ocean dead zones are just what they sound like, areas of the ocean which are ‘dead’, large areas of the ocean where animal populations are greatly reduced due to a lack of oxygen in the water. They typically occur in the bottom 1.5 metres along the seafloor where there […]

5 Unique AirBnb Stays In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is climbing higher and higher on many people’s next travel destination list, filled with tropical beaches, exotic animals and amazing food. If you too are planning a getaway to this island in the Indian Ocean, here are 5 unique AirBnBs to get yourself booked into!

5 Long Distance Hiking Trails Around The World

Hello my loves, I hope this day is treating you well. Today I’ve been thinking about all the long distance trails across the world after getting hooked on some beautiful creators thru-hiking on YouTube. After some deep diving into the world of thru-hiking, I have found some absolutely incredible trails to inspire your hiking adventures. […]